Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Reversed Smoke and Sear Steak

 Look at this little weber Go Anywhere grilling up those lovely steaks. 

Check out this video recipe on how to grill the perfect steak

* Let the steaks get to room temperature
* Give them a little rub with olive oil
* Put on your favourite beef dry rub, my favourite is Todd's DIRT. Or just use pepper and salt.
* Smoke the steaks over indirect heat untill they get a nice brown colour.
* Grill them over direct heat
* Flip the steaks only once
* Test with your finger to see if the steaks are done. If you find this difficult than use a thermometer.
* When the steaks are done let them rest for the same time that it took to grill them.
* Sprinkle the steaks with lemon juice and olive oil (just a few drop of lemon juice)
* Enjoy my version of the perfect steak!

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