Friday, 29 November 2013

Pork Cheeks

Smoked Pork Cheeks

smoke pork cheeks recipe how to

I made these pork cheeks as a challenge given to me by . I never made prok cheeks before and really thought hard about what to do with them. Finally I deside to do a low & slow session on these cheeks, because the are normally used in stews and I had to come up with something original.

The idea I had was to treat them as you would treat spare ribs. First smoke 'em than cook the in tinfoil and finally coat them with barbecue sauce.

They turned out great, way more flavour than a spare rib and the have less fat so it makes for a leaner meal. I will be making Smoked Pork Cheeks again for sure. Check out this video on how to make these lovely pork cheeks.

 - 1 kg pork cheeks
 - Yard Bird dry rub from Cowboys Dry Rub
 - .Barbecue sauce from Hot Mamas

How To:
 - Apply dry rub on both sides
 - Smoke the cheeks for 2 hours on both sides @ 110 degrees Celsius or 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
 - Wrap in tinfoil with a some butter and barbecue sauce
 - Cook at 110 degrees Celsius or 225 degrees fahrenheit  for another 2 hours
 - Unwrap the cheeks and save the juices.
 - Cook and mob with the barbecue sauce for another hour.
 - Reduce the juices and add a cup of ketchup to create the perfect barbecue sauce.

smoked pork cheeks recipe how to

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