Friday, 4 October 2013

Scotch Egg Bacon Wrapped

Scotch eggs bacon wrapped and plank smoked

Scotch Egg wrapped in Bacon and Smoked on cedar plank
This is a spin-off from a classic recipe that was invented in 1738. In the classic recipe the scotch egg is fried instead of smoked. Of coarse I had to change that and what better way than bacon wrapping it and smoking it on a cedar plank.
It has really powerfull flavors and is very savoury.

 - one egg
 - filling of one pork sausage
 - 6 slices of thin cut bacon.

How To:
 - Soak a cedar plank in water for a few hours
 - Cook the egg for 4 - 8 minutes. (4 min. soft - 6 min medium - 8 min hard)
 - Take the filling out of the sausage
 - Make a patty out of the filling and wrap the egg carefully in the filling
 - Wrap the egg in bacon
 - Place the egg on the cedar plank and the plank over direct fire
 - BBQ temperature should be somewhere around 200 deg Celsius or 400 deg Fahrenheit.
 - Smoke for 20 minutes
 - Ready to serve.

Check out the video below on how to make this snack

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