Saturday, 1 June 2013

T-Bone steak grilled and rested on pasta

 This is a big ass cutting board. Imagine the size of the steak. My eyes dropped right out of my head when I first saw these big ass dry aged T-bone steaks. For this video I hooked up with Jörn and Markus form UdenheimBBQ and 0815BBQ.


- 3 fingers thick dry aged T-Bone Steak
- Salt and pepper
- Pasta (tagliatelli)
- Roma cherry tomatoes
- olive oil
- Basil

How To:
- Cook the cherry tomatoes in the olive oil, basil with salt and pepper. (pasta sauce)
- Cook the pasta (not complete cooking time.)
- Add the pasta to the pasta sauce
- Sear the steak over a hot fire
- Let the steak rest on the pasta over indirect heat
- When the steak reaches 54 degrees take it off the pasta and cut it.
- Enjoy

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