Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Barbecued Ice Cream

This is a recipe designed to impress! Prepare this ice cream in advance and pop it on the barbecue when no expects any more surprises. You will be a barbecue hero for ever.

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Ofcoarse if you want to you could make this recipe in the oven as well

For the merinque you will need (for eight lemons)
* three egg whites
* 100 ml water
* 180 gram sugar

* lemons
* Lemon ice cream

How To:
* Take of a cap from the lemon at 3/4
* Freeze the lemons
* Fill it with ice cream
* Put the lemons in the freezer again while you make your merenque
* seperate the egg whites
* Whisk the egg whites slow
* Put the water and the sugar in a pan and boil it for 3 minutes
* Put the sirop in the egg whites
* Put the whisker on high speed until stiff
* Put the merenque on the lemons and keep it in the freezer untill you are ready to bbq
* Don't freeze to hard, because the ice cream will turn to hard.
* Set your oven or bbq to 200 deg Celsius or the and bake the ice cream for 5 minutes