Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BBQ Blogger Meeting

Last weekend I travelled to Udenheim, a small town in the south of Germany. Where I met other barbecue bloggers 0815BBQ, tobias.grilt.de, udenheimbbq. All of us grilled up a storm and had a lot of fun touring the surrounding vineyards.

In the picture above Tobias gets arrested by the chili police. The chili police is a promotor of hotmamas barbecue sauce.

I was a very happy man when I got the opportunity the grill on this brand new Brennwagen grill

YourBeef.de provided us with a mountain of meat. Stefan grilled us a dry aged steak as well.

Tobias from tobiasgrilt.de smoked dry aged beef ribs to perfection, with an awesome rub. (of which he wouldn't give me the recipe, grrrr...;) )

UdenheimBBQ grilled us some awesome flank steaks.

I prepared a killer duck breast of which you will get the recipe in my thanks giving video.

Markus from 0815BBQ grilled ribeye steaks and placed them on a bruschetta , with lots of exploding flavors.

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