Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To Restore your Cast Iron Cookware

How To Restore your Cast Iron Cookware

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The top vent of my Big Green Egg was in terrible need of some TLC.

Time to get busy. First up, going at it with a steel wirde brush.
Then scrub the whole thing with water, degreaser and scourer
Now its time for seaoning
  1. Set your oven on maximum temperature
  2. Apply a thin coating of flaxseed oil with a paper towel. If your coating is to thick, it will smoke up your house. Flaxseed oil is availeble at healthstores. They use it for salades, because its full of omega3.
  3. Place the cast iron item in the oven and let the oil burn dry. 
  4. When they oil is dry let the cast iron item cool down and re-apply the flaxseed oil
Repeat this proces for about 8 times.

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