Friday, 27 June 2014

How To Sharpen your knife

How To sharpen your knife using a wet stone:
What do you need to know:
1. Sharpening your knife using a wet stone will get you the best result
2. Sharpening your knife is easy but it takes some practise
3. Sharpening your knife using a wet stone takes time

How to use wet stones:
1. Going from a blunt knive to a sharp knife
 1.1 Start with a coarse stone like a 240. Make a basic edge on the stone 
 1.2 Work your way up from a coarse stone to a fine stone. I use 240 -- 800 -- 2000 -- 5000.
2. Maintenance on your knife
 Regularly sharpen your knife using the 2000 and 5000 stone to keep it sharp

Sharpening technique:
1. Place the stones in water for at least 5 minutes before using them
2. Make sure there is water on your stone at all times
3. Make sure your stone will not move by placing it on a rubber foot
1. Move the knife over the stone at an 15 degree angle
1.1 there are tools to help you get the correct angle for sharpening
2. Slide the knife over the stone from heel to point
3. Do not apply pressure, let the blade gently touch the stone
4. Slide the knife an equal amount of times on bothsides
5 Last ation should be a single slide on each side

Check out this video on how to do this.

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