Sunday, 8 September 2013

Char Siu - Red Chinese Barbecued Pork

No wonder that this recipe is in the top 50 of best recipes in the world. The only problem with this recipe is that you can never order it again at your local chinese restaurant.

     500 gram sliced pork but
     5 grated cloves of garlic
     5 cm grated ginger
     4 tbsp honey
     2 tbsp hoisin sauce
     2 tbsp light soy sauce
     1 tbsp dark soy sauce
     1 tbsp rice wine Shoaxing
     2 tbsp red fermented tofu (red bean curd)
     1 teaspoon five-spice powder
     1 tsp sesame oil
     1 tsp food coloring fluid

How To:
- Mix the ingredient
- Marinate the pork for 6 hours in the fridge With 3/4 of the marinate
- Roast the pork next to the fire for 15 minutes (add a wood chunk for extra smoke flavour)
- Roast the pork for 15 over the fire
- Mob the pork with the marinate in the last 5 minutes
Enjoy your meal

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