Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Roasted Seabass


Seabass is my altime favourite fish. We used to go fishing on the beach for this fish and when you hooked one it was always a guarantee for a spectacular show. Its a real hunter and strong fish. This is alsow where my love for the flavours of this fish comes from. It has nice white meat, with a little pink in it. The trick when you cook is not to over power the fish with other flabours.
I love to (hot) smoke this fish on my barbecue. So I hope you will enjoy this fish too.

 Ingredients: (2 people)
 - 2 Seabass (total 1 kg)
 - 2 grate garlic cloves
 - 1" grated ginger root
 - olive oil 3 tablespoons
 - pepper and salt
 - Lemon juice, half a lemon
 - Fine chopped parsley (3 stalks)

How To:
- Mix all of the ingredients, except the fish. (marinate)
- Carve the fish
- Put the marinate on the fish
- Place the fish on a upside down roasting rack
- Add a chunck of wood for smoke flavour
- Smoke at 180 degrees celsius, or 350 degrees fahrenheit.
-  Smoke for a bout 20 minutes. When you pinch the fish and you can touch the bones. Then the fish is done.

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