Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thanksgiving appetizer Duck breast and gravy

Thanksgiving appetizer Duck Breast appetizer and Gravy

Duck breast recipe how to gravy thanksgiving appetizer

Thanksgiving dinner, always a hustle to bring an impressive meal to the table. This recipe can be prepared for 80% a day ahead of time. So no more stress, when you should be having fun with your family.


Ingredients: (feeds 4 people as appetizer)
- 2 duck breasts
 - 50 g butter
- 400 ml poultry fond
- juice of half an orange
- 100 ml of your favourite dark beer
- 2 tablespoons honey
- pinch of salt

How To:
Sauce (gravy)
- Mix the ingredienst
- Boil down to a sirup
( you can make this sauce (gravy) the day before. Let it cool down and store in the fridge. 10 minutes before using re-heat it au bain marie)

Duck breast
- Cut back half of the skin
- Slice of half the filet. (save it for another day)
- Smoke the filet with the skin. (skin folded back)
- Smoke for 10 minutes
- Put a skillet on he grill and let it pre heat.
- Put oil in the skillet
- Use a skewer to pin the skin to the meat of the filet
- Grill the duck breast for about 5 minutes.
- The skin should be crispy and golden brown


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