Saturday, 1 March 2014

ProQ Excel 20 - Test - Review - Unboxing - Assembly

 In this blog post I tried and do an all in 1 overview on this smoker. The video from my youtube channel will show all the details.

Short Review:
I think this is an excellent smoker. It has all kind of features which make it very versatile.

Like the stacks which you can add or take away. With only one stack you have a very fuel efficient smoker, with two or three you have a smoker which you can use for large crowds. On three stacks you ca easily smoke 12 chickens.

There are special eyelets on each stack which will allow you to take accurate temperature on each level. It will allow maximum control.

It has hooks in the lit, which will allow you to hang meat and fish. Hanging fish is the preferred method for smoking.

Its has an exceptional large waterpan

It will hold 10 kg charcoal briquettes.

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