Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Pulled Chicken Sandwich is something most people haven't heard of but its a real treat. The trick is to smoke it until it turns completely soft.

Ingredients for two large sandwiches:
- a whole free range chicken (800 grams)
- Your favourite dry rub
- Your favourite barbecue sauce
- Large italian sandwich
- Crudités (fine chopped veggies)

How To
- Carve the chicken to make sure the smoke and rub flavors penetrate the meat
- Apply olive oil and the dry rub
- Smoke the chicken at 225 degrees Fahrenheit or 110 degrees Celsius untill the core temprature is 190 deg Fahrenheit or 88 degrees Celsius.
- Seperate the meat from the skin and bones.
- Pull the meat and mix with barbecue sauce, you can also add dry rub to taste if you like.
- Place the pulled chicken on a bun with crudités and barbecue sauce.

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