Saturday, 27 December 2014

How To Grill a steak - Caveman Style - Wasabi steak

caveman steak
Caveman Steak

WASABI STEAK grilled CAVEMAN Style. This means its grilled directly on the lump charcoal. Which brings intens powerful flavors to the steak. Check out this video recipe to see how its done

Wasabi Steak

- 2 big steaks
- 1 tube or bottle wasabi
- vegetable oil
- 1 red chilli
- Salt flakes

How To:
- Make large bed of lit lump charcoal
- Grill the steaks on both sides until the core reaches 53 Celsius or 130 Fahrenheit
- Let the steaks rest and mix 1/3 wasabi with 2/3 oil
- Chop a chilli fine
- Brush the wasabi oil on the steaks
- Sprinkle on the salt and the chilli
- enjoy

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